adj. blistered; covered with vesicles v. raise blisters; cause the formation of vesicles

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Vesiculate — Ve*sic u*late, a. Bladdery; full of, or covered with, bladders; vesicular. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Vesiculate — Ve*sic u*late, v. t. To form vesicles in, as lava. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • vesiculate — [və sik′yəlit; ] for v. [, və sik′yəlāt΄] adj. VESICULAR vt., vi. vesiculated, vesiculating to make or become vesicular vesiculation n …   English World dictionary

  • vesiculate — adjective /vəˈsɪkjələt/ (say vuh sikyuhluht), / leɪt/ (say layt) 1. characterised by or covered with vesicles. 2. of the nature of a vesicle. –verb (vesiculated, vesiculating) –verb (i) /vəˈsɪkjəleɪt/ (say vuh sikyuhlayt) 3. to become vesiculate… …   Australian English dictionary

  • vesiculate — verb 1. become vesicular or full of air cells The organs vesiculated • Derivationally related forms: ↑vesiculation • Hypernyms: ↑change • Verb Frames: Something s 2. cause to become ve …   Useful english dictionary

  • vesiculate — verb ( lated; lating) Date: 1865 transitive verb to make vesicular intransitive verb to become vesicular • vesiculation noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • vesiculate — thin and bladder like …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • vesiculate — vesiculation, n. adj. /veuh sik yeuh lit, layt /; v. /veuh sik yeuh layt /, adj., v., vesiculated, vesiculating. adj. 1. characterized by or covered with vesicles. 2. of the nature of a vesicle. v.t., v.i. 3. to make or become vesicular. [1820… …   Universalium

  • vesiculate — 1. verb a) to make vesicular b) to become vesicular 2. adjective vesicular …   Wiktionary

  • vesiculate — 1. To become vesicular. 2. SYN: vesicular (2) …   Medical dictionary

  • vesiculate — Thin and bladder like [Ingle, 1980] …   Crustacea glossary

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